Christy Hyun MFT

Counseling Services for Individuals and Families


Conflict Resolutions - In every relationship - parent and child, between partners and family members there will be a crossroads of conflict. Research shows and empirical data proves there has to be conflict and (healthy) resolution for intimacy to be established.

          * Parent and Child Conflict Resolution

          * Couples in Conflict

          * Couples in Recovery after an affair

          * Adolescents in Conflict with Authorities and Themselves

Specialties and Skills

• Grief and Loss

• Divorce Recovery

• Sexual Abuse Trauma

• Pre-marital Therapy

• Marital Therapy

• Co-dependency

• Career Direction

• Cultural Issues

• Women Issues

• Adolescent Behavior Work

          - Conduct Disorder

          - Oppositional Defiant Disorder

          - ADHD

          - Adolescent Drug Abuse

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Parenting Skills

• Boundaries

• Personality Disorders

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